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Released: 2011-11-19
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category: Education
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an incredible ability to learn languages during the first three years of life is a miracle, which is beyond our comprehension. our product will help your child to take the first steps in understanding this miracle!â¨â¨every caring parent wishes to provide his child with the basic knowledge of english at an early age, when the human mind is more receptive to the memorizing of new information. â¨â¨a comprehension of any language begins with the alphabet. our product is an indispensable tool, which helps in learning the basic english language.â¨â¨each letter in our alphabet is drawn in a very interesting way. namely, each letter is followed by the funny and interactive illustrations of animals. one of these animals, whose name begins with the proposed letter, has to be chosen by the child. all letters and the names of the animals are voiced professionally.â¨â¨the proposed animals_abc will help your child in an easily accessible form of a game to learn the english alphabet. simple and understandable interface will allow your children to use the program by themrselves.


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